Monday, December 18, 2006

losing color

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Not really - just needed a break. I feel so much better now that I've put some space between myself and that painting (1,348.58 miles to be exact). I figured that I'd let my paint brushes cool off a bit this weekend, but now it's time to get my nose back to that creative grindstone. For instance:

Today, I cloned myself a few times so that I could start a band. It sounded good for a few minutes, but then things started getting out of hand (okay.. now I'm writing lyrics). Needless to say, my egos got the best of me - each one of me wanted the spotlight, and chaos transpired.

Back in reality, I do have a few things that I promised to take care of before I start any more painting. Keep checking - I'll be back. Late.

[It looks like one of my clones made it to the majors today - I was wondering where he went after storming out of our jam session!]

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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That was a very long two and a half weeks. I'm lacking the patience to write anything right now, but I'll definitely have more to say once I reaquaint my lungs with fresh air (and once the likenesses of Marty and Doc are no longer ingrained on my retinas). Late.

Monday, December 04, 2006

ear it is.. for now

day 7 (starting the form)
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I started the form painting today (phew), and got about half way through dude one's face. Got to get him done and move over to number two tomorrow. My goal is to be forming something other than faces by sometime on Tuesday.

Backtracking a bit. I (obviously) finished the underpainting yesterday. You can tell by looking at his shirt and tie that I got really loose and sloppy (it hurt me to do it, but it was necessary to finish).

Okay... back to the future. Marty and Doc* suggest that you check out the picture for this post at the larger resolution, because only then can you REALLY see the difference between the under and form painting layers**. According to Victor Hugo, to see is to devour. So devour (but please don't ingest. put it back when you're done). Late.

* Idea: Now I'm going to call the two guys in the painting Marty and Doc. Hmmm... Which one is which, though?
** The ear especially

Friday, December 01, 2006

who needs ears anyways?

huh!?, originally uploaded by nepalblue.

Okay... That's it for day four (and I'm behind schedule - it was only supposed to take me a day to finish the second doctor's face). That's okay. I'll just make the rest of my underpainting a lot looser (after I finish the ears of course - nobody likes loose ears). I'll be back on track if I can make it to the form painting by Sunday/Monday. I think I'm going to have to take Cathy's advice and haul out the BIG BRUSHES*. Late.

*Interesting fact: These large painting instruments are called "iLOS BRUSHOS GIGANTE!" by many a nomadic gringo in New Mexico, whereas the ancient Romans referred to them as BRVSHI MAXIMVS. They can be up to 12 feet in length (the brushes.. not the ancient Romans), and can completely underpaint an 18" x 24" canvas with one stroke (well, the ancient Romans could do that too... even with regular brushes)!

[nonsense due to time of day and lack of ventilation in painting studio]