Friday, November 30, 2012

my "movember"

self portrait by nepalblue
self portrait, a photo by nepalblue on Flickr.

This one was inspired by a few of my Baroque heroes - Van Dyck, Velazquez & Bernini.

[Dedicated to Tanza L. Smith]

..but enough about me. More soon. late

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

there is no possible

Jean-Pierre by nepalblue
Jean-Pierre, a photo by nepalblue on Flickr.
way that I'll be able to maintain this streak. Seven posts in seven days might have to do for now. Hopefully that was enough to get me excited about posting again. Fortunately, I have plenty more from the bag to share, as well as projects I'm currently working on - one of which, I hope to post sometime next week. Soon, for sure.

We had a couple very good models in France this summer. I enjoyed working with Rennie and John very much. I particularly enjoyed all the "Catane" we were able to squeeze in.

Not only the models were great, but the students in the class were a joy to be around - a relatively young, but very inspired and hard working group. It was my second session with Tim and Michelle (Studio Escalier) in which I've had an assisting role. Both my mentors, and the students/peers showed their confidence in me, which (I humbly feel) lifted me to a new height as an artist and as a future teacher.

I am absolutely thrilled that Tim and Michelle have asked me to help them again next year. I will be helping Tim out with a drawing workshop in Paris next Spring. I will then join both him and Michelle for a figure painting workshop back in Argenton Chateau before another summer session ensues.

It's a dream come true.

If not tomorrow, I'll be back soon. Late

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

now going

olivia by nepalblue
olivia, a photo by nepalblue on Flickr.

back to summer 'o-eleven with Studio Escalier in Argenton Chateau. This was a figure painting that I didn't finish - but I definitely got a lot out of it.

I didn't do any figure painting while there this past summer (I was primarily drawing). I hope to get a lot more figure exercise in 2013.

Likewise, I hope that I'm not finally getting around to posting about it in 2014. Late

Monday, November 05, 2012

speaking of

Donat by nepalblue
Donat, a photo by nepalblue on Flickr.

good friends, I had the opportunity to sculpt this summer with Donat King - who is a remarkable person, and a talented artist, himself.

As part of our extracurricular exercise this summer in Argenton Chateau, Donat and I took turns sculpting one another. It was so much fun. There were times that we'd sculpt before class (to those who know me well, I wouldn't be considered a morning person).

It was an incredible experience regarding the development of my spatial awareness. I would hope to think that I have a decent amount of that already from drawing and painting... but there certainly is something special about feeling one's way through space.

I need to get my hands on some more clay. Late

Sunday, November 04, 2012

i'm supposed

tom sketch by nepalblue
tom sketch, a photo by nepalblue on Flickr.

to meet up with my friend Tom on Skype later - a good enough excuse to post this sketch of him I did while in Belgium this past August.

Earlier in the year, he and I did a public alla prima portrait painting demonstration in Antwerp, which was a great success for us (I need to take a good photograph of my demo, then perhaps I'll post that too).

More soon. Late.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

there is

Tessa by nepalblue
Tessa, a photo by nepalblue on Flickr.

much rewinding to be done. I'll never post anything if I try to organize myself from the beginning - so I'll just grab from the middle.

One of the highlights from the past year was meeting up in the Netherlands with some of my dearest friends from the Ryder Studio. We chased Rembrandt and Vermeer while we drew our way around the country for a couple of weeks.

We were also fortunate enough to join Tony for a one week drawing class in the Hague. The fellowship was truly inspired - by our model, and by each other (not to mention the sublime dutch light).

I'll be sure to draw something else out of the hat again soon. Late.

Friday, November 02, 2012


for Rose by nepalblue
for Rose, a photo by nepalblue on Flickr.

to avoid more empty promises.. another post!

On the side, I've been painting some smaller studies (master copies - like this one, after Henri Fantin-Latour - and quick sketches) onto magnets (well, panels with magnets adhered).

Once I've got a handful, I may put them on Ebay or Etsy. If there is anyone still out there, I'll let you know!

More soon. Late

Thursday, November 01, 2012

here is a tiny

a little cletus.. by nepalblue
a little cletus.., a photo by nepalblue on Flickr.

contribution from Cletus to get things rolling on here again. He stopped by yesterday to point out that 100% of my posts over the past year have featured him. Hmmm..

A quick one for now, but I'll start catching up in the coming days - long overdue.

happy halloween. late