Saturday, September 26, 2009

just a little

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update from class. After a few weeks of poster studies, figure drawings, and demoing, we've started in on a new portrait project. I'm pretty excited about this one (you might remember the model from last year when I took Michelle Tully's workshop at Andreeva). I'll post again once the underpainting is all washed in. Late.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

in the

ménage à trois
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saddle again*.. (in case anyone is still around)

I've returned from France after seven wonderful months of painting, drawing, loving, exploring, and ping pong-ing (I'm the blur on the left). There is much to talk about - so much, that I can't possibly type it all. So, let's just move forward.

I am now back in the New Mexican desert studying (light and form) with Tony Ryder - I am actually in the class this year and am extremely excited! Tim and Michelle (Studio Escalier) loaded me up with new tools and ideas while in France. Hopefully those take hold and blossom into beautiful things over the next nine months.

For the first two weeks of class, we have been getting back into the swing of things (no Wiffle ball yet) with poster studies (taking into account hue/chroma/value) - I've posted a few (will post a few more) in Flickr.

Maybe if I keep my posts simple, I will be more likely to maintain. I'll do my best! Late.

*I feel as though I've used that one before (probably more than once) - it's been so long between posts that I can't remember... yikes.