Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i finally

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made it over to the studio to get a good picture of my progress - I get too much glare when shooting in my room.

So! I'm done with the face (for now) - I've made promises to certain people. I will (most likely) return to it at some point and tweak things, but I definitely need to move on (I could probably spend months repainting the cast shadows on my neck - should have invested in some Aqua Net).

Now that I've gotten this post off of my chest, I'll be back with progress soon. Late.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


poster study (of tim)
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as promised (I'll do my best to keep it up). After the NY show, I lost my posting rhythm - certainly time to get back into motion.

Fortunately, painting hasn't dried up - I've continued to work (productively) through the blog-less abeyance. My self portrait is coming along (I'll post my progress sometime this week, after I touch up a few things). As of this evening, I've started a portrait of a great friend who's joined up with us in the high desert. If all goes well, the painting might find its way to another show in NY, come December.

Aside from my own painting activities, I just finished sitting for a six week portrait pose at the Ryder studio - I became very familiar with the Half Windsor Knot, and am now obsessed (I anxiously wait for a deluge of such knots (an many others) during tomorrow night's election coverage) - eye candy, indeed! Late.

Before I go..

The New York show (I almost forgot)! It was a quality experience - opened up my eyes and inspired my ambitions. I was fortunate to sell a piece, but the most wonderful part of the opening was being able to enjoy the moment with people very special to me - those who went to NY with me, and those who met up with me there - so amazing! I'll get some pictures posted soon. Late Late.