Tuesday, September 18, 2007

that's more like it

blur your eyes
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I know.. twice in one week!?

We started the Sunday-Thursday schedule this week, so the days are a little bit screwy... but class has still been great. We've added the light and shadow masses into our morning block-in routine, and we've continued to knock out poster studies in the afternoon session (we'll.. we're trying to knock out poster studies).

The other night, I met Ted Seth Jacobs (Tony's, Tim's and Michelle's teacher). That was interesting. It was cool to see his work, but in all honesty, I think that it pales in comparison to the work of his students - although, they are too modest to admit it.

I'll be back soon. late

Saturday, September 15, 2007

so far, so good

rachel - block in
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Well, unless you factor in my inability to keep up with this blog. I have dug myself into quite the hole - if you knew how much fun I was having, you would definitely understand.

So.. the rundown:
Paris was absolutely amazing - I am really looking forward to spending more time there. I met up with Pascal (a good friend from Arizona/Chicago who happened to be home in Paris on vacation), and along with a few others, we rode all around "the City of Lights" on a string of Velibs until 6pm CST (so.. late).

The next day (after some much needed sleep), I (barely) made my way to Angers. It was certainly an adventure, but in the end, I was laying siege to the Chateau D'Angers with Krista and Caroline (classmates). After storming the castle and enjoying a good lunch, we met up with a few others (more classmates) and headed over to Argenton Chateau - where I've been ever since (aside from a small excursion back to Angers) soaking in all that I can of this experience.

Class has been great for the first two weeks. We spent all of week one drawing - working on gesture (inner movement) and blocking in the figure (definitely a thought provoking exercise - as simple as it may seem). We maintained the drawing into week two, and started painting (poster studies - if you remember from way back, when I was a more reliable blogger; they are studies that deal with the figure/subject in a planar form, and that focus on value, chroma (intensity), and hue). So far, so good.

It has only been a few weeks, but it feels like we've been here forever (in a good way). We've been going nonstop outside of class. Krista is THE Iron Chef, so we've been feasting like kings. The area, itself, is so visually intoxicating (the wine is pretty intoxicating too.. and inexpensive), so hiking around has helped to kill off the calories (Frisbee with Krista and MC (Marie Catherine), definitely burn off the rest). Caroline and I are having a Bocce Ball Battle - she'll deny it, but I'm winning approximately 150-30 (running total). My flatmate Chris, our model Rachel, and Toby (yes.. there is another one.. it's a very weird situation for both of us) have been a lot of fun to be around as well. It is a great group of people (and they all support my chocolate habit).

Phew, so I've dug myself out enough for now. à plus tard.