Wednesday, May 23, 2007

toby versus the volcano

[think tahiti]
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Again, I've been slacking (as far as posting goes). Since finishing the last commission, I have spent most of my time (and sanity) over at the tool & die shop flexing my CAD/QCE muscles (while simultaneously trying to learn French, and do battle with a progressive brain cloud*).

My French still needs work, but I should be getting in a lot of practice over the next few weeks. Angelo (one of my favorite people in the world - a great friend from ASU), invited me to tag along with him on his vacation back home. His home - Tahiti (not too bad). It's definitely a unique opportunity that I have to take advantage of (worry not, I don't plan on jumping into any volcanoes - maybe a metaphorical one or two).

That still doesn't really explain why I've been learning French. In August, I set sail for France on a scholarship to continue my painting/drawing studies with Tim and Michelle at Studio Escalier - I am absolutely thrilled. Once I am there, the rate of bloggular posting will be on the rise again (guaranteed). Plus tard.

*see Joe Versus the Volcano