Monday, January 11, 2010


la fin
Originally uploaded by nepalblue's only the second week of the new year, and I'm already posting. Is this a good sign of posts to come.. or what?!

"What," most likely, but I'll do my best.

The last several months in Santa Fe have been great - and very tough. I have been struggling with some of my work in class*, but I'm hoping that it's because I'm challenging myself and stepping beyond the reach of my comfort level. In the coming months I'm hoping to push those boundaries even further, while addressing the issues that are anchors to progress.

*might have something to do with my lack of posting

Fortunately, I have had several personal successes - one being the painting of the Buddha (I've posted process images in flickr). He taught me much... kept me calm. I plan on taking that momentum into the second half at the Ryder Studio and applying it toward my ambitions (my o'ten resolution). Late.