Friday, September 29, 2006

one more thing

black label reflection
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I just wanted to show off some of the color that I've found. late.

lily pose

lily pose
lily pose,
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Ahh.. Friday. It has been a good one so far.

Yesterday was a late night (as Tuesdays and Thursdays are - evening drawing class over in SF). I got to sit and draw next to the master himself (Tony) and his apprentice (Anna, the masteress in training), who together, put me in my place. It was a lot of fun (as well as motivating) sitting between the two. Both of them had outstanding drawings over the three hour period, making me realize that it is going to take a lot of work/practice if they are going to name a Ninja Turtle after me someday (but I am determined). That all being said, my drawing was still decent.

I chased the moon all the way home from Santa Fe (it is even a relaxing drive at night). The stars are plenty, and it was nice to see the pleiades, who I've missed since last winter, perched up over the sandias.

Okay, back to Friday. As I said, it has been a good one. In class, I finished up drawing and inking the portrait of Lily, and am definitely excited about washing it in next week. After lunch, I hung around and drew for the last several hours. A few classmates asked me to demo some of my techniques for a bit, which was quite a privilege (I just hope Tony doesn't come after me with his mahl stick on Monday morning).

Anyways. I have two days of down time ahead of me (I hope the Bears game is televised here Sunday).

Thursday, September 28, 2006

deidre pose

deidre pose
deidre pose,
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Okay, well.. I'm here in New Mexico (back and forth between Albuquerque and Santa Fe) looking for some color. I am three weeks deep into Tony Ryder's figure/portrait in oil workshop. So far, so good. It is definitely worth the double dose of driving 60 miles every day. Just being in a creative and artistic environment, alone, has really gotten me motivated to step it up myself.

Catching up on the past three weeks:
week 1 - poster studies
- basically just a color/value/intensity study of the model
(no emphasis at all on drawing - which was tough)
week 2 - good, old fashioned drawing
- drawing the model
week 3 - drawing/inking - on canvas
- sketching out the model with vine charcoal
going over it with a really light wash of paint

We've done several of each per week. today I pretty much finished up my sketch of Lily (I'm sure Tony will have some ideas), and I'll ink it in tomorrow and get ready for next week's wash in. I took a picture of the Lily sketch along with the poster study I finished in the first week, but I left my cable back in Albuquerque, so it will have to wait.

Speaking of waiting, I am just hanging out at the Cloud Cliff Cafe (free wireless) across the street from The Ryder Studio where figure drawing starts in a half hour. Hopefully, I'll get to do some drawing tonight. Tuesday I ended up modeling.. full nudity (yeah right).. because one of our models didn't show.

Anyways, now that this thing is rolling I'll be posting more often. So keep coming, and I'll keep drawing/painting.