Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In Heaven..

the pacific ocean
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.. they (mostly) speak French – at least where I was at.

Note: whatever your preconceptions of Tahiti may be, toss them out of the window. Not only is it different, it’s so much more.

La orana! So, I made it back – Why would I come back, you ask? Think of it as like waking up from an amazing dream. If I had a choice, I’d still be sound asleep. That’s okay; I needed to come back so that you could see my pictures. I have thousands (I was so deeply in awe, that I would take, on average, ten shots of the same thing. While hiking on Aorai, I probably took one picture every fifteen steps). For all of the great shots I got, there were so many that I missed out on. Most of my favorite (and the most beautiful) moments remain, only, in my memory (I think we’re still a few years off from being able to upload those – but once the technology is available.. check back!). Be sure to remember, that as beautiful as some of the pictures are, they don’t even come close to reality.

More (and all the pictures you can handle) soon. Late.

back to the drawing board

block in/sketch
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now that I am back from paradise, I'm starting a new project - I need to be in tip-top shape for France.

It's a (drawing & painting) portrait of/for my mom. I'm really excited about this pose, so keep checking back to see if I've made any progress (I'll try to update frequently)! Late.