Monday, December 04, 2006

ear it is.. for now

day 7 (starting the form)
Originally uploaded by nepalblue.

I started the form painting today (phew), and got about half way through dude one's face. Got to get him done and move over to number two tomorrow. My goal is to be forming something other than faces by sometime on Tuesday.

Backtracking a bit. I (obviously) finished the underpainting yesterday. You can tell by looking at his shirt and tie that I got really loose and sloppy (it hurt me to do it, but it was necessary to finish).

Okay... back to the future. Marty and Doc* suggest that you check out the picture for this post at the larger resolution, because only then can you REALLY see the difference between the under and form painting layers**. According to Victor Hugo, to see is to devour. So devour (but please don't ingest. put it back when you're done). Late.

* Idea: Now I'm going to call the two guys in the painting Marty and Doc. Hmmm... Which one is which, though?
** The ear especially


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