Saturday, November 25, 2006

one last look...

check out that beard!
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at the New Mexican horizon, and now I'm back within the seemingly impenetrable grey, horizonless confines of cook county. Wait, wait, wait. I make it seem far too bleak - it's not. It's always good to be back home (even though the humidity talks my hair into curls).

The good news is that I have some work to do. Last monday, my mom and grandma were walking around in a local Albuquerque art gallery (Weems) that they've been going to for years, and ended up talking to the owner about me and what I had been up to in Santa Fe. She insisted that I see her at once and that I bring my work along. So, I went.. and it paid off. She got a commission for me with the Eye Associates of New Mexico on the spot.

Unfortunately, I am going to be working from a photograph, which lacks the color, form and intensity of reality. But, it is work nonetheless, and may be a future host to other opportunities and possibilities (from which I can work by a preferred method). I have until December 16th to get it completed and..

you: "#*&@% $! Did you just say you have only until December 16th to finish a painting!!!!!"
me: "Uhh.. yeah."
you: "You?! How big is this painting supposed to be?"
me: "18 by 24 inches."
you: "You are nuts."
you: "N"
you: "U"
you: "T"
you: "S"
you: "NUTS!"

.. and shipped back to Albuquerque. It is definitely going to be a challenge, but now is the time to get a foot in the door.. and I am up for it.

So, now that I am home and have gotten some decent oil primed linen stretched onto some not-so-decent stretcher bars, it's time to get to work. Late


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