Sunday, October 29, 2006

say it ain't so joe

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It has been waaaaaaaaay too long since I've posted. A lot has happened since last week. Luckily my poster study of Joe could be considered finished, because he bailed on us. After getting a nice drawing inked on a nicely stretched canvas, he just didn't show up. No call to the school or anything. After half a day of sitting around, Andreeva found us a new model, so we had to start over from square one with Hillary as our model. So I began with a new poster study (which I did the right way this time), and then after getting a new, smaller canvas, made way on the drawing (I brought it home this weekend to finish inking it in, since we're already a week behind schedule).

In the midst of all this, my buddy Tim arrived from Tucson. He came in and got to check out the class (he snapped off a few pictures throughout the weekend, unfortunately, I didn't have the right cable to load them onto my computer - so, you'll have to wait for those). I really think he enjoyed it (being an artist himself).

He wandered around the Santa Fe plaza for a while as well. After class, he took me over to see the Peaceful Wind gallery which is exhibiting contemporary Tibetan art (A little Timfo - Tim is very into buddhist practice and art). We got a tip from the guy running the gallery about a Stupa (basically a spiritual monument) not too far from the plaza. So, we checked it out, and it was not only beautiful, but it was enclosed by a cinder block wall right smack-dab in the middle of a trailer park. Total contrast. It was definitely fun to see, prayer flags and all. Unfortunately, it was closed for the evening, so all we could do was look.

Saturday morning, we got up around 9am and took the Sandia tram up to the summit. After hiking around the top for a while, we started our descent. It may have been a 5-6 hour, ten mile journey to the bottom, but every second was worth it. It is unbelievable how massive the mountain was (You just can't tell from the bottom).

Today, Tim and I just chilled. We walked around the UNM campus for a bit, I finally came across an ultimate frisbee game (I'll go check that out next week). It was a pretty cool campus. After dinner, I took Tim over to the airport and here I am. Now, here I go. I have to get that inking of Hillary done for tomorrow. Late.


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