Monday, October 09, 2006

into the light

phase 3
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I'm still working on the underpainting. I'm sure I would have finished today if Tony didn't demo all morning (uh huh.. sure Toby. If you say so). I am just happy that I'm done with the shadow areas. I spent way too much time in there, but now, I'm out and very excited to be working the lit areas. I'm thrilled with the way her cheek looks. It will be nice to get to the other one done so it doesn't look like she got a black eye sparring with the other models during one of our fifteen minute breaks (Although, I might suggest that to Tony, see what he thinks - we might be able to get some good gesture drawings out of it. Hmmm.. she could get a nice shiner to match my painting, and I wouldn't have to adjust as much!).

Okay, so Tony finished his underpainting demo today and will reveal to us his secret (shhhh) techniques for form painting tomorrow. This is what I came for, so I'm very excited about it. It's very fun to watch him demo. He tells great stories and uses all kinds of metaphors to explain what he is doing. That, and he is quite fast (well.. compared to me). His work is absolutely amazing (check out the link to his site if you haven't), and it is even more breathtaking in person. There is a lot that a photograph just can't absorb.

If the weather is as nasty as it was here today, I may not stick around for the late drawing class tomorrow (I'm hearing Santa Fe might get snow tonight). Well see.


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