Thursday, October 05, 2006

a long way to go

she's coming along
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So, In class we all dove in to our underpaintings. Here is what I've got so far (I brought the camera cable with me today!). I cannot wait until I'm swimming along in the final paint layer.

Okay, let me explain the underpainting. Basically, it is just a wash-in (as one would paint a wash with watercolor) using a solvent to thin out the paint instead of adding an oil medium to the paint. It is a base for the actual painting layer to rest on. "Like underwear," as Tony described it in class. In that regard, I am trying to make my underpainting look as sexy as possible. I have tomorrow and Monday to finish it up; then it's on to the outerwear.

Alright, It is drawing time again. I must have left my draw-face at home with my camera cable on Tuesday because I sure wasn't feeling "it." I did end up with a great line drawing though, and I really enjoyed the model (would have been great to paint). I'll get a picture of it up soon. Late.


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