Saturday, October 14, 2006

catching the balloons

nice catch
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5:00 am - Snooze button

5:10 am - Drag myself out of bed, throw on something warm

5:30 am - (No, it didn't really take me 20 minutes to put on a sweatshirt) Tyler and I head out down Tramway towards the fiesta with no absolute plan.

6:00 am - Bypass all traffic and find some random place to park

6:01 am - Walk in the direction of the balloon park

6:02 - 7:59 am - Wander along in the dark, stumbling through patches of cacti and other desert flora until we find a decent spot. Then we wait (we kept ourselves warm, awake, and entertained by messing around with the different features on Tyler's new camera).

8:00 am - A balloon!

8:02 am - More balloons.. and they kept on coming as long as we were willing to take pictures. Tyler and I took so many (great) pictures, unfortunately, I can't upload all of them (well, I could). So, I grabbed a few, and maybe I'll add some others eventually.

9:30 am - We head back to the car and discover that we had tresspassed on Native American Territory (sorry guys). I wanted to bring home some of the balloons that we caught (see picture) and cook them up for dinner, but Tyler has a soft spot for balloons/ballooners, so we released them back into the atmosphere before driving home.

I found out about an ultimate frisbee group in the area, so I am going to check that out tomorrow (stay away rain). Late


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