Thursday, November 02, 2006

turtle vs. hare

more time
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Okay. One more day to go with this one. I'm not going to even make it to the form painting. That's okay though. It is more important for me to take my time and go about things the right way. I was quite a bit frustrated the other day; trying to rush. On the way home I realized that I'm not necessarily there to turn out finished paintings, but to learn the techniques. I have to be true to myself and my own style, so I decided to go back to taking my time (which can be meditative for me*). I've been much happier since slowing down, and it has paid off. I got a really positive critique from Tony (basically letting me know that I'm on the right track), which as got me even more excited/motivated about what I'm doing. So even though I'm no where close to finished with Hillary, I'm heading in the right direction, which is where I want to be. Late.

*Meditative as long as I'm not picking up paint. if you don't know about picking up paint: Epimetheus told Pandora never to open the jar she had received from Zeus. However, Pandora's curiosity got the better of her and she opened it, releasing all the misfortunes of mankind (plague, sorrow, poverty, crime, despair, greed, vice, old age, sickness, insanity, spite, passion, famine, deceit, PICKING UP PAINT, etc.). - Wikipedia


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