Monday, December 18, 2006

losing color

sounds good, originally uploaded by nepalblue.

Not really - just needed a break. I feel so much better now that I've put some space between myself and that painting (1,348.58 miles to be exact). I figured that I'd let my paint brushes cool off a bit this weekend, but now it's time to get my nose back to that creative grindstone. For instance:

Today, I cloned myself a few times so that I could start a band. It sounded good for a few minutes, but then things started getting out of hand (okay.. now I'm writing lyrics). Needless to say, my egos got the best of me - each one of me wanted the spotlight, and chaos transpired.

Back in reality, I do have a few things that I promised to take care of before I start any more painting. Keep checking - I'll be back. Late.

[It looks like one of my clones made it to the majors today - I was wondering where he went after storming out of our jam session!]


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