Friday, February 02, 2007

here we go again

a familiar face
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Alright, so I forgot to mention this last time... my new commission is to paint the same painting as before. Unlike the first time I painted this, I have a reasonable deadline = this version is definitely going to be much better than the last. The whole process will be the same, but due to the new standard of quality, all previous images/posts related to the original painting are now obsolete (never look at them again - I'll know if you do!).

As of now, I've just been working on the underpainting - I won't start the actual painting until I get back from Santa Fe in March. I figure that way, I'll be able to apply anything new that I learn to the final layer. While in New Mexico, I am also supposed to meet the two doctors that I've been painting (each would eventually like to have a copy of the painting, which is the reason that I'm painting it again* - Now it all makes sense!). I'll be posting my progress, so keep checking. Late.

* Because this version is going to be so much better than the original, they'll hire me to do a third - which, in turn, will be so much better than the current, that they'll have to hire me to do a fourth... and so on, and so forth (please.. no!).


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