Monday, May 12, 2008

once again...

the dioskouroi
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.. it has been too long - my apologies. Good news is that I have been keeping busy - although, I am guilty of sitting around quite a bit. Last time around, I mentioned that I would be posing for a five week portrait in Tony Ryder's class. I have done some modeling in the past, but never for a substantial amount of time. Due to those experiences - some, relatively easy... some, a tad bit painful - I wasn't really sure what to expect (other than a forecast of brainstorms). I was lucky. It was REALLY easy (and plenty of decent ideas came along with the rain). The five weeks absolutely flew by - it was an interesting and gratifying experience to be able to contribute to the artistic process from the opposite angle. I was/am really impressed with everyone's work (check out Krista's).

Due to a number of generous people in Tony's class, I was able to attend many afternoon drawing sessions over the duration of my portrait pose. I got a few drawings in that I am very proud of. Hopefully, there will be more to come!

I have also been gearing up for the autumnal show in New York (and at last... a date! September 13). We (there are several of us involved) are, each, to present thirteen pieces (ten at a small scale, and three at a large - well, larger than the small - scale) of a personal theme - mine involving stars/constellations*. My intention is to treat the smaller works more like studies/sketches, and paint my soul onto the larger pieces - one, of which, is underway. I am lucky enough to have Mercia (who will be presenting her paintings in NY, as well) as my muse and model (I am so excited about the project) - she is so beautiful, and is doing wonderfully (despite the pose, which is certainly NOT easy to hold). It will definitely be worth the effort.

* We are to incorporate an element of each others' theme within one of our own pieces - to unify.



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