Saturday, October 20, 2007

has it really

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been a month already!? Feels like a week.. maybe two.

Since I last came through, we've gestured, blocked, rounded, shaded, lit, drawn and painted. We've learned, forgotten, relearned and forgotten again.. some have bled and others, cried - all these things culminating into a two week (drawing) portrait pose, and a two week (painting) pose, which are now underway.

Unfortunately, I am not particularly happy with the way either of these endeavors is going. The drawing of Sarah (who happens to be our new model) is not post worthy at this point, but I promise to have it up at least when it's completed. The painting is only at the (monochromatic - as opposed the chromatic) underpainting stage. Fortunately, there is hope for each.

The most exciting news is that Krista and I are going to be staying in Paris until late December, continuing our studies with Tim. Class will be held in Gericault's original studio, followed by plenty of Louvre action - This is, truly, an exciting opportunity. Sign up for postcards (not that I am any better about sending those out than I am about writing here)!

.. and keep checking back (Flickr at least - I try to put pictures up regularly). My trompe-l’œil side project is coming along slowly but surely. Late.


Blogger Dan said...

yo, good to hear things are going well and that you havent been beheaded or anything. keep it up! miss you dude, but enjoy your extended stay and holler at me sometime...

11:22 PM  

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